In a world without LEGO, Cedric Donovan, a critically acclaimed documentary filmmaker is our tour guide as we delve deep in to the world of Brix. This is a world dominated by two titans of personality and success. The Godfather of Brix, Max Grand, is the 7-time champion and most famous competitive brick builder of of all time. Unfortunately, he had his career cut tragically short when he was accused of “gluing.” There to pick up the torch was Ricky 6. He is brash, arrogant and extremely successful, having won 6 tournaments since Max Grand played his last. Cut in to Seth Paxson, a young hero with a heart of gold who has to save his charity from the clutches of deceit.

      Add to this a brilliant cadre of characters. Wyatt is the lovable geek, Delilah is the beautiful but slightly out of place girl, and there are many others. As the tournament draws to a close the ultimate showdown will emerge. Will Ricky 6 continue to exert his dominance or will an underdog find a way to win and bring vindication to a disgraced hero? Brick MADNESS has a wicked sense of humor, a lot of heart, and of course, a ton of brick building mayhem.






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                Hey guys! I was given the opportunity to get an early screening of @brick_madness_movie which is a fantastic mockumentary following fictional events that take place at a national LEGO competition. Brick Madness is an incredibly fun film that plays with the mockumentary formula to give us something truly unique. The film just won best comedy feature on the genre celebration festival, which is a huge deal! The creators worked very hard to make this and their work absolutely paid off! I can't wait to see what they do in the future. Whether you're a fan of LEGO or film in general, you will be able to get something out of this fun and energetic mockumentary. Check it out when you get a chance and give @brick_madness_movie a follow!

              • Andrew Wirtz - Enfield Riot Film Festival

                Brick MADNESS is a great film and was highly received by our audience and I think may have been one of the best attended of our festival. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it and not really know where the line of actual vs. mockumentary existed. Seemed very real and energetic. Really well done.

              • Joe Meno - Brick Journal

                Not too long ago, a documentary was made that was about the LEGO fan community. A Variety of LEGO builders were featured and interviewed about their work and fascination with the brick. The movie was titled Beyond the Brick: A LEGO Brickumentary, and it was released in 2014. This isn't that film. Brick MADNESS, an independent film directed and produced by Justin McAleece, was being made at the same time and took a different direction. Instead of a documentary, this was a mockumentary (like This is Spinal Tap) that initially takes a humorous look at the LEGO hobby and its fans, but becomes a movie that also has a heart. The movie centers around a fictitious building tournament of Brix (not LEGO, for legal reasons) and the competitors, past and present. The past is represented by the previous seven-time champion of the tournament and the Godfather of Brix, Max Grand. He was forced out of competition when he was accused of "gluing' his creations. In the six years since, another builder has taken his place—the arrogant and commercial builder Ricky 6 (who changes his name to reflect the Brix tournaments he has won). This year looks to be the year that Ricky becomes Ricky 7. However, there are other competitors in the tournament. The host of Brick MADNESS, Cedric Donovan (Robin Steffen), talks with all of the builders, including Marvin (an obsessive-compulsive man with an obsession with building perfectly, performed by Byron Watkins), Delilah (a female builder who feels a little out of place in the predominately male community, played by Laura Howard), and Seth Paxson (a new competitor played by Matthew Albrecht, who is forced to compete to save his Brix-based charity). Another fan is Wyatt (Tilt Tyree), who has spent his years documenting the tournaments on video. All of these characters are very broad caricatures of LEGO fans and fandom in general. The humor hit a little close to home for me at times (I started in the hobby as a photographer of LEGO creations), but ultimately the film redeems itself with how all the characters grow during the tournament. There are some very funny moments, and there are some sad moments when some competitors get eliminated. The authenticity of the movie was maintained by filming at a real LEGO fan convention—Bricks by the Bay. Some LEGO fans also make cameos in the movie as interviewees—one, Fradel Gonzalez, has been featured in BrickJournal. Another builder involved with the film, Carl Merriam, has gone on and is now a LEGO set designer in Denmark. His most famous set is the recently released Apollo Saturn V Rocket set. For Brick MADNESS, Carl built some of the models and the title logo. One of the actors, Jadon Sand, might also be familiar, as he was Will Ferrell's son in The LEGO Movie. He's a surprise in his appearance. The other actors are from independent films and television productions, and play their characters very well. Outstanding performances come from Laura Howard (her performance is perfect as a young lady that has a talent that places her in a male- dominated place) and Tilt Tyree. (His portrayal of Wyatt initially has a touch of sadness, as he starts the movie as the person who really just wants some attention. By the end of the movie, by giving him a purpose, Tilt changes Wyatt completely for the better.) Brick MADNESS is being seen on the independent movie circuit, so keep an eye out for it at film festivals. It's a good takeoff on LEGO and other fandom that is funny and by the end, heartwarming.

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