March 22, 2017

Winter Premiere Recap: Sam and Dean’s Prison Break

Sam and Dean in Prison

Natural begins the second half of season 12 with Sam and Dean in prison. They don’t stay there for long, but there’s a big sacrifice that must be made in order to escape. Only things don’t end as you might expect.

“First Blood” offers quite a bit of set-up for some interesting storylines. Someone decides to join forces with the British Men of Letters and a surprising death could have severe cosmic consequences.

The Fugitives

The prison guard finds Sam and Dean dead in their cells. They’re taken to the morgue where they suddenly come back to life and escape, calling Cas for a ride. They run through the woods, but the feds aren’t far behind them. Sam and Dean take down one of the agents and use his walkie talkie to warn the man in charge that the feds aren’t hunting the Winchesters, it’s the other way around. This explains the episode’s title because Dean is in full Rambo-mode.

Sam and Dean find a cabin and when they’re surrounded, they quickly take down the feds. They tell the men in charge the truth, that the President was possessed by the Devil and they saved him. The brothers then casually walk away.

Natural begins the second half of season 12 with Sam and Dean in prison. Henri Cartier-Bresson

The British Men of Letters

Mick from the BMOL tries to recruit some other American Hunters, but they don’t take kindly to a fancy British dude trying to tell them what to do. Things turn around for him when Cas and Mary call Mick and Mr. Ketch to help rescue Sam and Dean. Mick is quite happy to offer his assistance as an olive branch to try and get American Hunters to trust him.

They find Sam and Dean and everything works out for the best. Except, unbeknownst to the Winchesters, Mr. Ketch cleans up their mess by killing everyone who knew about their arrest and the assassination attempt. Also, Mary has sold her soul to the British Men of Letters (not literally) and is now working for them.

  • joefresno

  • March 22, 2017


    • Jhonatan Crag
    • March 22, 2017

    If they could summon Billie why not just pray to Cas– he’s still an angel? Cas can’t catch a lousy vampire?. I bet those cells were mighty uncomfortable especially with all that bad food and no toilet? Why couldn’t Cas or Mary have done a simple locater spell? Why would Billie’s death have cosmic repercussions when Death’s death didn’t? Do you suppose Mary’s middle name is actually Sue?

      • Sarah Medison
      • March 22, 2017

      I loved the episode but then I ‘intend’ to Love all the episodes because I want the ratings to stay up and Jared and Jensen to ‘want’ to continue to play Sam and Dean for As Long As Possible. But actually I really did love this episode.

    • Daniel Howard
    • March 22, 2017

    Your thoughts don’t seem so humble anymore. I know mine aren’t humble but I never intended then to be. My opinions are my opinions are mine and they will continue to be expressed as such. I hope this show continues and I hope it improves. I remember this show being great with flashes of brillance.

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